BMW uses the BMW EWS (Elektronische Wegfahr Sperre) electronic immobilizer on it´s CAN-bus system.
The immobilizer system is built in the ECM/ECU-unit or dashboard, so we will need the ECU-unit or dashboard in order to make the keys work.
Mostly the ECU-unit or dashboard looks like the image below.
Sometimes we need the immobox ring around the ignition switch to make keys.
Please mail or call us for more information and what we need.

BMW motorbike  EWS4 (Elektronische Wegfahr Sperre) electronische immobilizer op het CAN-bus systeem lost all keys
Among others:
- BMW bikes engine ECU BMSK, BMSKP, BMSX Bosch
- EWS4 Systems
- BMW bike handsfree key unit HUF

BMW C600 / BMW C650
BMW F650 / BMW F700 / BMW F800
BMW K1200 / BMW K1300 / BMW K1600
BMW R1200 / BMW R900
BMW S1000

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