MTX125 (>1978)

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CARR671 Honda XL Voltage regulator rectifier SH542

31410-HA5-671, 31600-MC4-000, 31400-KG0-008, 31600-KG0-000 Modern Voltage Regulator / Rectifier - CARR671 3 Year warranty Plug&Play Among others.

Honda XL250 MTX125 MBX125 (CF429B / CF426) CDI unit

Improved new CDI with advance for Honda XL250 MTX125 (Carmo-CDI01) 1 year warranty Plug&Play - Spark Advance from 2000TPM - Maximum advance at...

Varta 12N5-3B / YB5L-B

Technical information: JIS Code: 12N5-3B / YB5L-B VARTA Code: 505 012 003 A51 4 Size: (lxbxh): 121 x 61 x 131 mm Capacity [Ah]: 5 CCA: 30A Pole type:.


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