Centauro V10 (IAW16M) ECU ECM CDI black box computer brain

Magneti Marelli ECU ECM CDI
IAW 16M.C2, 16M40A-KK-0A014

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ECU ECM Research Costs 2

Click here for the Test/Repair form Testing ignition/injection unit ECU/ECM (black box / brain) or ignition unit with three or more outputs...

ECU ECM Repair - Revision 4

Click here for the Test/Repair form Repair price Injection/Ignition unit ECU/ECM/brain (sealed / potted) You pay this amount if your unit has been...

Moto Guzzi IAW 16M Magneti Marelli EPROM

Moto Guzzi IAW 16M EPROM EEPROM Special programmed for more performance for the same price possible Plug&Play All Moto Guzzi models possible...


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