Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired

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BB Motor 4 takt F9.9 CMH66 (66M-01, OYF)
Outboard 25-300HP 4 Stroke 1996-2007 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT25(C) DT30(C) CDI (F8T12881)
Outboard motor 1994 DT115 DT140 115 140 CDI (F8T12981, F8T12982, 88-2000)
DF50 (F8T96779 33920-87JD1)
LT4WD Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LFT4WDX King Quad (32900-19B20)
DF15 Outboard Motor (32900-94J00, CU7257)
DT40 CDI ECU igniter (F8T17471)
LTZ50 (J143, CB7513, CB1J)
DT55 DT65 (F8T12894)
DF60 (99E90, F8T90071)
DT65 BB Motor (F8T02271)
LT80 (32900-40B00, 070000-2860)
LTZ80 (J143, 43G0, CB7513, 5K09)
LTZ90 (J150, CB751K)
Quadsport Z90 (J150, CB751K)
DR100 SP100 SP125 CDI igniter (32900-05210, 070000-0920)
DR Z110 (CI751)
Hokuto 110 (J78, CB7461)
AN125 (scooter)
CS125 (32900-01400, 131100-3232)
DR125 (32900-44A30, 131800-0270)
DR125T (32900-05220, 070000-0930)
GN125 (32900-05300, 131100-3221)
GS125 (32900-05340, 131800-6970)
GV125 Marauder (32900-12F10, 131800-7200)
GZ125 Marauder
GZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
RG125 FUN (32900-19D41, 071000-0372)
RG125 (32900-19D90, 07100-0450)
RM125 (32900-40220, KOKUSAN DENKI)
RM125 (CU7401, 829000-43D10)
RM125 (CU7440, J73)
RV125 (32900-13G10, 131800-8300)
RV125 van van (MGT115, F8T51271, 15G00)
TS125X (32900-03D30)
TS125ERX (32900-03D30)
TSR125 (32900-03D00, 071000-0060)
UC125 Epicuro (CB7466, 0B10, J81, 21F6)
UH125 Burgman (J130, J106, CB7508)
UH125 Burgman CDI unit)
VL125 (32900-26F00, 131800-7480)
VL125 Intruder LC v-twin (DENSO, 32900-26F20, 131800-8170)
VZ125 Marauder (32900-12F20, 131800-7210)
DF140 (F8T54671, 33920-92J80)
UH150 (scooter)
LTF160 Quad runner (MGT045, 02C20, F8T199714)
DR200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
SP200 (32900-42A00, 070000-1361)
TS200R (32900-08D20, 071000-0240)
UH200 Burgman 32920-03H11
LT230 (Nippon Denso, 32900-18A00, 070000-1240)
LT230E quadrunner (32900-35B00, 1620)
LT-F230 G (32900-22A00, 070000-1301)
250XC Djebel CDI ECU
AN250 (scooter)
DR250 (13E00, F8T32671)
DR250 CDI brain computer (14D00, F8T31071)
DR250 (32900-05220, 07000-0930)
DR250 (BM5102, 32900-38220)
DRZ250 (MGT046, MGT047, F8T37274, F8T37273)
GS250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GS250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSF250 bandit (32900-11D10, BB7259, kokusan denki)
GSX250 (BB1201, 32900-47020)
GSX250 (32900-45D00, BB7244)
GSX250E (32900-44410, BB1205)
GSX250S GSX400S (BB7252, 32900-46D01)
GSX250 Invader
GSXR250 (32900-06C00, BB7203)
GZ250 Marauder (MGT022, J4T09971)
LFT250 Quadrunner (32900-19B20)
LTF250 runner (32900-19B50)
LTZ250 Quad (32900-05G10, 071000-2270)
RGV250 (CB1202, 9E31)
RGV250 (SAPC, 32910-22D30, CM7410)
RM250 (82900-CU7401)
RM250 (C4744, CU7450, J91, Kokusan Denki)
RMZ250 (21119-0024, CU7493)
RMZ250 RMZ 250 CDI igniter (J156, CU7535)
RMZ250 (32920-49HD0)
TS250X (31900-30020)
TU250GB Grasstracker Bigboy (MGT042, F8T37771)
Extreem Racing Quad 300cc
GS300L CDI (F8T50071, 32900-11910)
LT-F300KF2 (32900-19BA0, 017000-1980)
LT-F300 King Quad (32900-19B30, 071000-2192)
LT-F300 Kingquad (LT-F4WDX) (32900-19B40, 070000-2490, QAC49)
LT-F300F King Quad (32900-19B80)
DR350 (14D00, F8T3077)
DR350 (31F-00, F8T30971)
DR350 (MGT005, F8T31073)
DR350 (MGT002, F8T31082)
DR350 P (MGT001, F8T31081)
DR350S (MGT006, F8T32871)
DR350S (MGT017, F8T31084)
DR350S (14D10, F8T30772)
DR350 Goose (47D-00, F8T31571)
AN400 (32900-14F50, 131800-7380, 32900-14F40, 131800-7371)
AN400 Burgman DENSO (32900-14F50, 32900-14F40)
AN400 K1 Burgman (32900-15F00, 32900-15F10)
AN400 K3 Burgman (32920-15G00)
AN400 K6 Burgman (32920-05H02, Keihin)
DR400S (32900-32450, 070000-0650)
DR-Z400 (MGT027, F8T36971, MGT030, F8T36974, MGT028, F8T36972, MGT099,F8T40773, MGT083, F8T40771)
DRZ-400S (MGT083, F8T40771)
GN400 (32900-32450)
GSF400 Bandit (32900-10D00, 32900-10D40, 32900-10D60, BB7217, BB7256)
GSF400 Bandit (32900-33D70, 32900-35D30, 32900-35D31, BB7258, 32900-33D20, BB7283)
GSF400 Bandit (32900-33D00, BB7242)
GSX400 (32900-33401, BB1211, 32900-04A00, BB1216)
GSX400 (32900-44410, BB1213)
GSX400 (32900-33401, BB1211)
GSX400F (32900-33D00, BB7242)
GSX400E (32900-44410, BB1205)
GSX400E (32900-34C10, BB7205)
GSX400X (32900-30B00, BB1219)
GSXR400 (BB1222)
GSXR400 (32900-33C70, 32900-35D30, 32900-35D31)
GSXR400 (32900-10D60, 32900-32C00, 32900-32C10, 32900-33C10, 32900-33C70)
GSXR400 (32900-30B00)
GSXR400 (BB7217, BB7204, BB7201, 32900-33C)
GSXR400 (32900-32C00, BB7201)
GSXR400R (32900-33C70, BB7240, 32900-10D00, BB7217, 32900-32C10, BB7204, 32900-32C00, BB7201)
GSF400RN (32900-33C20, BB7214)
LT400F Eiger (32900-38F400, J134-CB7236)
LTA400 (CB7214, J1149)
LTA400 Eiger (J135-CB7237)
LTF400 Eiger (J114-CB7214)
LTZ400 (07G10, MGT094, F8T41071)
LTZ400 (32920-33H00)
SV400 Import
GN450 (BB1206, 32900-44420)
GS450 (32900-44510, BB1207)
GS450 (32900-47020, BB1201)
GS450E/L (21900-44420, BB1214)
LTR450 (32920-45G20, 880 0102440, Keihin)
DR500 (37420)
GS500 (J122, BB7719)
GS500L (BB1225, 5A30)
GS500F (J133, BB7722)
RE5 (31900-37010)
RG500 (32900-20A00, 070000-1310, 070000-1311)
RG (B) (5-070000-6223, 0104)
Quadmaster 500 CDI igniter (MGT025, F8T36571)
Quadmaster 500 LTA500F LT-A 500 F 4x4 CDI Igniter (MGT044, F8T36574)
GS400 - GS650 (BB1203, BB1204, 32900-33220, 32900-47320)
GSX550 (32900-43400)
600cc Jetski (32900-95210, 070000-0231)
DR600 (14A00, 14A10, 5Y22)
GSF600 (32900-31F00)
GSF600 (32900-31FF0, 32900-31FA0)
GSR600 (32920-44G00)
GSX600 (32900-19C60, 131800-6780)
GSX600 K11-K12 32920-14J00
GSX600F (32900-08F00, 131800-7090)
GSX600F (32900-08FA0, 32900-08FJ0, 131800-8550)
GSX600F (32900-19C00, 131800-5081, 131800-5080, 32900-19C20, 131800-5440)
GSF600S (832900-31FAO, 131800-8030)
GSX600 bandit (32900-26E00, 131800-6360)
GSXR600 (32900-34E00, 071000-1130, 32900-34E20, 071000-1320, 32900ES0, 071000,1420)
GSXR600 (Yoshimura, 32900-34ER0, 071000-1230)
GSXR600 2002 (32920-39FC0)
GSXR600 2003 (32920-39FA0, 112100-1230)
GSXR600 K4 K5 STVA (32920-29G00)
GSXR600 K5 (21175-112100)
GSXR600 K6 (32920-01H00, 11210-5111)
RF600 (329200-21E00, 131800-5830)
VS600 Intruder (32900-39E60, 131800-6630)
VS600 Intruder (32900-38A10, 131800-5060)
AN650A K7 Burgman (32920-10GG0, 1121005700)
AN650A K9 Burgman (32920-10GG1, 112100-5701)
AN650Z Burgman (32920)
DL650 V-Strom (MGT070, 27G10, F8T96072, MGT069, 27G00, F8T96071)
DL650 V-Strom (27GA1, MGT114)
DR650 (MGT012, F8T32971)
DR650 (12D00, F8T14871, 12D10, F8T30981)
DR650R SE (31D-00, F8T30971)
GR650 (F8T50171)
GS650 (32900-15500, F8T50171)
GS650 GL/GT (32900-34210, 131100-2631)
GSF650S (32900-38G00, 131800-8650)
GSF650 (32920-17H00, 112100-5780)
GSX650 turbo (131100-3280, 32900-09300)
LS650 Savage (MGT009, J4T05672)
LS650 (J4T01871, 32900-24B00)
SFV650 Gladius (44H00, MGT175, F8T52871)
SV650 SV650S (BB7708, J54, BB7709, J55)
SV650 SV650S (F8T95771, MGT060)
SV650 SV650S (F8T51174, MGT121)
XF650 Freewind (MGT014, J8T34471)
GS700 (131100-3581)
GV700 (32900-07A01, 131100-4081)
LT-A700X (32920-31G00, 32920-31G01, 32920-31G03, 32920-31G05, 112100-2441)
VS700 Intruder (32900-38A10, 131800-5060)
VS700 Intruder (131100-4630, 38A00)
DR750S (44B00)
GS750 (32900-45411, 131100-1901)
GS750 (32900-45411, 131800-2881)
GSX750 E/ES (Nippondenso 32900-45116, 131100-1901)
GSX750 EF (131100-3580, 13110-3581)
GSX750 (32900-03F10, 131800-6990)
GSX750F (32900-45116, 131100-1901)
GSX750F (32900-20C10, 13800-5190)
GSX750F (32900-08F10, 131800-71110)
GSX750F (32900-08F20)
GSXR750 (32900-27A00, 131100-4641)
GSX-R750 CDI igniter (32900-06B00, 131800-0050)
GSXR750 (32900-17C20, 131800-5620, 32900-17C00, 131800-5110, 32900-17C10, 131800-5160, 32900-17D10, 131800-5190)
GSXR750 US Model (32900-17D00, 131800-5450)
GSXR750 (32900-17E40)
GSXR750 W (32900-17E20, 131800-5680, 32900-33E00, 32900-33E01, 131800-6700, 32900-33E21, 131800-6771)
GSXR750 SACS (32920-33E40, 32920-33E20, 32920-33E00)
GSXR750Y (32920-35F00 112100-0530)
GSXR750 (32920-35FA0, 112100-1131)
GSXR750 K4 K5 STVA (32920-30G00)

GSXR750 K4 K5 (32920-30G00, 32920-30G20)
GSXR750 K6 K7 (32920-02H00 -02H10 -02H20 -02H30 -02H40)
GSXR 750 K8 K9 K10 (32920-38H00)
GSX-R750 (32920-15J..)
GSX-S750 (32920-08J80)
LT-A750X LTA750X (32920-31GD0)
VS750 Intruder (131100-4630)
VS750 (32900-38A110)
DR800 (44BB00, 31D00, F8T30971)
DR800 (MGT011, F8T33371)
DR800S (3TD-00, F8T30971)
VL800 (32900-41F00, 32900-41F10, 131800-7890, NIG160)
VS800 Intruder (32900-38A10, 131800-5061)
VS800 Intruder (32900-38A31, 131800-6531, 32900-38A30, 131800-6530)
VX800 (32900-45C00, 131800-5360, 32900-45C20, 131800-5510, 32900-46C30, 131800-5490, 32900-46C40, 131800-6610, 32900-45L20, 131800-5510)
VX800 (32900-45C40)
VZ800 Marauder (32900-48E10, 32900-48E20, 131800-6860)
GS850 (131100-3520, 131100-3521)
GS850G (32900-49410, 131100-3180, Nippondenso)
RF900 (32900-31E50, 131800-6580)
RF900R (32900-31E00, 131800-5870, 32900-31E20)
DL1000 V-Strom (MGT054, F8T95671)
DL1000 V-Strom (MGT077-F8T96271)
GS1000 (32900-45410, 131100-2280)
GS1000 (32900-45411, 131100-2281)
GS1000G (32900-45110, 131100-1901)
GS1000G (32900-49410, 131100-3180, Nippondenso)
GS1000 GL/GT (32900-45110)
GSXR1000 (32920-40F, 112100-0800, 32920-18G20, 112100-1600)
GSXR1000 2003/2004 (3290-18600, 112100-1590)
GSXR1000 K5 (Denso, 32920-41G00, 112100-2600)
GSXR1000 K6 (32920-41G50, 112100-5001)
GSXR1000 K8 (32920-21H50, 112100-5972)
GSXR1000 K9 (32920-47H00, 32920-47H30, 112100-7561)
GSXR1000 K17 K18 (32920-17K..)
GSXR1000 Yoshimura ECU (Denso, 32920-41GR0, 112100-2640, NEP0G7)
SV1000 (32920-16G00, 12100-1530, 12V NEP 0A5, DENSO)
SV1000 (32920-16GD0)
TL1000S (32920-02F, 32920-02F11, 32920-02F60, 32920-02F01)
TL1000R (32920-02F, 112100-0290)
GS1100 G (131100-3521)
GS1100G (32900-49410, 131100-3180, Nippondenso)
GS1100GL (32900-49410, 131100-3180, Nippondenso)
GS1100GK (32900-49410, 131100-3180, Nippondenso)
GSX1100 E/EF/ES (131100-4060, 131100-3580, 32900-31310, 131100-3581)
GSX1100F (32900-48B10)
GSX1100G (32900-26D00, 131800-5520)
GSX1100 Katana
GSX1100 (131800-0050)
GSX-R1100 CDI igniter (32900-06B00, 131800-0050)
GSXR1100 (32900-40C20, 32900-40C00, 32900-40C30, 131800-40C30, 32900-46E00, 32900-46E40, 131800-5781)
GSXR1100W (32900-17E00, 131800-5667)
GSF1200 Bandit (32900-27E10, 131800-6730)
GSF1200 Bandit CDI igniter (32900-27E00, 131800-6390)
GSF1200N (32900-27E10, 131800-6730)
GSF1200S (32900-31F50, 131800-7650)
GSF1200S (32900-31FC0, 131800-8050, 32900-31F50, 131800-7650)
GSF1200S K2 (32900-31FC0, 131800-8050)
GSX1200 Bandit (32900-27E10, 131800-6730)
GSX1200X (32900-03F30, 131800-7330)
GV1200 (131100-4071)
GSF1250 Bandit (32920-18H00)
GSX1300 B-KING 32920-23H00
GSXR1300 Hayabusa (32920-24F21, 112100-0391, MEP031)
GSXR1300 Hayabusa (32920-24FG0, 112100-1070, 32920-24F00)
GSXR1300 Hayabusa (32920-15H..)
GSX1400 (MGT048, MGT051)
GSX1400 (42F90, MGT106, F8T96972)
GSX1400 (42F50, MGT075, F8T96172)
GSX1400 ECU ECM Computer (MGT107, F8T96973)
VS1400 Intruder (38B20, J4T02771, J4T02772)
VS1400 Intruder (32900-38B00, J4T02171)
VS1400 Intruder (MGT007, J4T05973)
1400 Cavalcade (131100-4620, 131100-4730)
VL1500 Boulevard C90 (MGT086, F8T96371)
VL1500 Intruder (MGT016, J4T08971, MGT019, J4T10372, J4T10371, MGT021, J4T10374)
VZ1500 Boulevard M90 (MGT156, F8T53071)
VZ1600 Marauder (K2 21175-0040)
VL1800 (DENSO 32920-22H30, 112100-6450)
VLR1800 C1800 Intruder Boulevard ECU
VZ1800R (DENSO, 32920-48G40, 112100-6460)
M1800R (DENSO, 32920-48G40, 112100-6460)

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