HONDA B CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Manufactured by: Carmo

Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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More Honda units can be found in Honda A and Honda C.
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CB450 (TIA01-20)
CB450 (ML4, CF512A)
CMX450 REBEL (CF512, CF512B, MM2)
TRX450ES (38910-HN0-A11, 38910-HN5-A11)
TRX450R (071000-2510, HP1A)
TRX450R (071000-3131, HP1G-K)
CRF450 (Denso, 071000-2810, MENF)
CRF450R (071000-1950)
CRF450R (38770-MEN-E21)
CB500 (MK6, CF586)
CB500 (MY5A, 821Z)
CR500 (Denso, 070000-1861, 070000-1862, 070000-2150)
CX500 (NEC, MC-5194)
CX500 (TIA02-14)
CX500 (TID12-05, MC7)
CX500T (079700-0571)
FT500 (CF423, AKBZ07, 131100-3551)
GL500 (NEC, MC-5194)
NX500 Dominator (CI554)
VF500C V30 Magna (AKBZ27, 131100-4022)
VF500F 2F (AKBZ57, 131100-4670)
VT500 (AKBZ07, 131100-3550, MF5)
VT500 (AKBZ46, 131100-4500)
XBR500 (MK4, CI503)
XL500 / XL500R (CF421)
XL500S (6Volt, CI-03)
XR500R (CF429A)
CB550 F/K3 (ABBZ16, 131100-3680)
CB550SC Nighthawk (131100-3540, TID14-15)
CBX550 F/F2 (131100-3541)
CBX550 (TID14-09)
CB600F Hornet (MBZG E, N71R)
CB600F Hornet (MBKZ ED, M71K)
CBF600 SA4 (MERA ED, N71T)
CBF600 (PC38E, MERA ED, M71T)
CBF600SA (38770-MER-R62)
CBF600F CB600FA (38770-MFG-D02)
CBR600 (MN4F, 5121 C1, MT6, 512 F1, MN4AC, 511 C1)
CBR600F2 (MV9)
CBR600 HRC (NL3D, W777A, 9203)
CBR600F (MT6, MN4)
CBR600F4 (MBWA G, W76A, 8Y02)
CBR600FS (38770-MBW-G11, 38770-MBW-D31 38770-MBW-D41, 38770-MBW-F21, 38770-MBW-G71, 38770-MBW-D21)
CBR600FS HRC (38770-NL3-651)
CBR600RR (KEIHIN, 38770-MEE-772,38770-MEE-641, 9759-100993)
CBR600RR (KEIHIN 38770-MEE-612, 38770-MEE-613, 38770-MEE-641 , 38770-MEE-643)
CBR600RR (KEIHIN, 38770-MEE-G02, 850-100286)
CBR600RR (KEIHIN, 38770-MFJ-D04, 8640-220420)
CBR600RR HRC (38770-NL3H-750)
CBR600RR HRC KIT (KEIHIN, 38770-N1A-D10, 8867-200019)
FJS600 Silverwing (38770-MCT-691)
NTV600 REVERE (MS9 512E1 9X06)
VLX600 (TNAA04, 131800-0070)
VT600 (MBAA, 011B, 7416)
VT600 C Shadow (MR1, 512A)
XL600 (MK5, MK2, CF476)
XL600 (MG2, CF455)
XLV600 (MG7, CI-36)
XL600V Transalp (MS8, CI558)
XL600V Transalp (MAWA, 981M)
XL600V Transalp (30410-MM9-830)
XLM600 (MK5, CI-87)
XR600 (MM9, CI529)
XR600 MK2 (CF476B)
XR600R (MN1, CF514D)
BROS 650 (MN8A)
CB650 (TID14-15)
CB650SC Import (Nippondenso, 131100-3540, ME5)
CB650SC Nighthawk (AKBZ16, 131100-3680)
CB650Z (RZ03)
CB650 (OKI, MPS200, NEC, MC-5194)
CBX650 (ME5, 131100-3540)
CX650 (OKI, MPS200, NEC, MC-5194)
CX650 Turbo
CX650T (079700-0771)
GL650 (OKI, MPS200, NEC MC-5194)
GT650 hawk (MN8-U)
NTV650 (MS9, 512E1)
NTV650 (MBLA, 031J)
NTV650 Deauville (MBLF, N81D, MBLJ, M81F)
NTV650GT Hawk (MN8-U, 8921)
NX650 Dominator (CI554A)
SLR650 (MAKG E NE1H 0831)
XR650 (070000-2840, QAC 84)
XR650 RD02 CDI (MN9, CI554)
XRV650 (MS8, CI558)
CB700SC Nighthawk (TID14-29)
NC700X (38770-MGS-D53)
VF700C (TID12-04)
VF700C (AKBZ, 131100-4490)
VF700C V45 Magna (131100-3260, AKBZ22, 131100-4490, 131100-3940, AKBZ23, 131100-3950)
VF700 (MNO, 501D1)
VF700 / VF750 (AKBZ23, AKBZ45)
VF700/VF750 Magna (AKBZ50, 131100-4560)
VF700F Interceptor (131100-3950)
VF700 S V45 Sabre (TID12-04)
VFR700F (ML7, 561B)
VT700 (TID12-1, ME9)
VT700 (TID12-25, MK7)
VT700 (TID12-20, ME9)
VT700C Supermagna (MN0)
VT700C Shadow (RC19 CDI ME9 ICU-06)
XL700V Transalp (38770-MFF-D01, 8681-105346 ED)

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