YAMAHA B CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Model: Yamaha-B
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Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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More Yamaha units can be found in Yamaha A and Yamaha C.
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RD350 (29K-50)
RD350 (52Y-50, 070000-122)
RZ350 YPVS (1UA-50, 070000-1490, QAB49)
RD350 YPVS (51L-50)
TT350 (30X-20)
XT350 (30X-20)
YFM350 Banshee (3GG-10, 070000-2680, QACG8)
YFM350 Big Bear (1UY-20)
YFM350 Moto4 Mot0 4 Big Bear (1YW-20)
YFM350 Big Bear (1YW-21)
YFM350 Big Bear (F8T32372, 4SH-00)
YFM350 Big Bear (3HN-10, 3HN-20, 3HN-30, F8T30571 ,F8T30576)
YFM350 Bruin (5UH-00, F8T40371)
YFM350 Grizzly (F8T40380, 4S2-01)
YFM350 Raptor (F8T40374, 5YT-00)
YFM350 Wolverine CDI igniter ignition (4KB-00, F8T17071)
YFM350 Warrior (2XK, 85540-20-00)
YFM350X Warrior (F8T34271, 3GD-40)
YFM350XA Warrior (F8T30572, 3GD-20)
YFM350XP Warrior (F8T38675, 5NF-00)
YFP350u terrapro blue (2NL-20)
YZF350 Banshee (2GU-50, 070000-1670)
YFZ350 Banshee (3GG-85540-00, 3GU-50)
XT360 (2GK-20)
Quad 350cc (1NY-20, 6320)
DT400 (SSM, F8T00371)
DT400MX (F8T00)
FZR400 (TID14-53, 1WG-10, TID14-53A, 3BF-00)
FZR400 Exup (TID14-70, 3EN-00)
FZR400RR (4DX-82305-00, BB7250, BB7208)
FZR400RR (TID14-85)
SR400 (3HT-20, 071000-2280)
SXR400 (1JK-50, 070000-1390)
WR400 (5BF-10)
XJ400 (TID12-07, 12R-10)
XS400 (TID12-02, 4R4-10)
XS400 Maxim (TID12-07, 12R-10)
XVS400 CDI ECU (J4T073, 4TR)
YFM400 (5GH-20, F8T38672)
YFM400 Kodiak (F8T30573, 4GB-00)
YFM400FWA Kodiak (F8T36474, 5GH-10)
YFM400 Kodiak (5TE-00, F8T38679)
YFM400 Big Bear (5FU-10, F8T36473)
YFM400 Big Bear (5GH-00, F8T36472)
YP400 Majesty (5RU00, 5RU01214Z226B)
YZ400 (5BE-00, 721)
WR426 (5NG-10)
WR426 (5JG-00)
YZ426 (5JG-00)
YZ426 (5TG-10)
WR450F (5JT-60, 3XA)
YFM450 ATV (5ND-00, F8T38678)
YFM450 Wolverine (3C2-00, F8T403)
YFM450 Grizzly (17S-00, F8T40381)
YFZ450 (5TG-00, 5TG-10)
YFZ450R (18P-00, F8T84871, 18P-11, F8T84872)
YZ490 (F-9054K, 8112-9)
RD500 LC (47X-50, 070000-119, 1GE-50)
RD500 powervalve YPVS controller unit
SR500 (3GW-00, 070000-2430, QAC43)
SR500 (3H-50, 070000-035, 3HI-50)
TZ500 (TIA04-03A, 4AO-11)
XT500 (5Y3-50)
XV500 Virago (22U-20, J4t01071)
YP500 T-MAX (J4T120, 5GJ-00)
XV535 Virago (J4T020)
XV535 Virago (J4T033, 71 3BT-00)
Grizzly 550 (28P-00, F8T83872)
XJ550 (TID14-05)
XT550 (1XL-50, 07000-1501)
XT550 (5Y1-50, 5Y1-52, 070000-0902)
XT550 (5Y3-50, 070000-0950)
XT550 XT600 TT600 CDI igniter (5Y3-51, 070000-095)
XZ550 (TID12-06, 11H-10)
FJ600 (TID14-31)
FZ600 (TID14-79)
FZ600 N Fazer (J4T095, 71 5DM-00 ,8707)
FZ6S Fazer (F8T811, 71 5VX-00)
FZR600 (TID14-82, 3HF-00, TID14-73)
FZR600 (J4T045, 70 4JH-00)
SRX600 (Denso, 1JK51, 1JK-50, 070000-1391, QAB39)
TT600 (55U-50, 55U-51)
TT600 (5Y3-50, 070000-0950)
TT600S Belgarda (3YP-00, 0-, QAC18)
TT600R (5CH-01, 071000-1211)
XJ600 (TID14-78, 3KM-00, 3KM-01)
XJ600 (TID14-31, 49A-10)
XJ600 (TID14-48, IUJ-10)
XJ600 (TID14-78, TID14-79)
XJ600 Diversion (4BR-00, 4BR-10, G1U)
XJ6FA (FUA0031, 36B-00, F8T84672)
XJ600 Seca (4DU-00)
XT600 (1VJ-51)
XT600 (2KF-50, 070000-1760, 43F-50)
XT600 (34L-50, 34L-51)
XT600 (3AJ-00, 070000-1810)
XT600 (3YP-00, 070000-2180)
XT600 Tenere (1VJ-50)
XT600E (3TB-82305-00, 131800-5400, 3TB-82305-10, 131800-6310, 4PT-82305-01, 1318006150)
XT600E CDI (4PT-82305-01 / 131800-6681)
XT600k TT600 4LW (3YP-00, 070000-2180)
XT600R (F8T811, 5VX-00, 3Y22)
XT600R (5VK-8591A-00, 112100-1870, TBDF08 P)
XT600Z (43F-51)
YFM600 Grizzly 4x4 (5GT-00, F8T36071)
YFM600 Grizzly (4WV-00, F8T34671)
YX600 (TID14-48)
YX600 Radian (TID14-79, 3LT-00, 3LT-01)
YZF600 Thundercat CDI ECU igniter (J4T066, 71 4TV-10)
YZF600R Thundercat (J4T065, 4TV-00)

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