YAMAHA C CDI/ECU Repair Overhaul

  • Manufactured by: Carmo

Known CDI/TCI/ECU units which can be Tested/Repaired
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YZF-R6 (F8T354, 5EB-00)
YZF-R6 2002 (F8T380, F8T381, 5MT-00, 5MT-70)
YZF-R6 2003 (F8T920, 5SL-003, F8T810, 5SL-70)
YZF-R6 2004 (F8T814, 5SL-40, F8T925, 5LS-10)
YZF-R6 2006 (2CO-8591A-20, 112100-2990)
YZF-R6 2008 (13S-8591A-40, 112100-7410)
MUZ650 (4MY-82305-00, 131800-6150)
XJ650 (TID14-02, 5G2-10)
XJ650 (TID14-02, 4H7-10)
XJ650 Turbo
XS650 (TID12-01, 4M4-10, TID12-03, 5V4-10)
XVS650 Drag Star (J4T079, 4VR-00)
XVS650 Dragstar (J4T153)
XVS650A Drag Star (J4T093, J4T094, 71 5BN-20)
MT03 660cc (Denso 5YK-8591A-00, 112100-2920)
MT03 660cc (Denso, 5YK-891A-10, 112100-5931, G, TBDF50)
MUZ660 (4MY-82305-00, 131800-6150)
SZR660 (4MY-82305-00, 131800-6150)
XT660R ECU CDI (12D-8591A-00)
XTX660 (5VK-8591A-00, 5VK-8591A-01, 5VK-8591A-10, 112100-1872, 112100-5360)
XTZ660 (3YF-8230500, 131800-5540)
YFM660 Grizzly (F8T40372, 5KM-10)
YFM660 Raptor (5LP-00, F8T37971)
YFM660 Raptor (5LP-20, 5LP-30, , F8T38680)
YXR660 Rhino (5UG-10, F8T38682)
FZ700 CDI igniter (TID4-58, 2KT-10)
FZX700 (TID14-52, 1UF-10)
Grizzly 700 (3B4-20, F8T83874)
Rhino 700 YXR70FX (1RB-01, F8T85573)
XJ700 Maxim (TID14-35, TID14-44, TID14-47)
XL700 WaverRunner (62T-00, F8T13175)
XV700 (J4T00871, 20X-20)
YFM700 Grizzly (F8T83471, 3B4-02)
YFM700 Raptor (1S3-8591A-00, 112100-2740)
FZ750 (TID14-39)
FZ750 (TID14-56, 2MG-10, TID14-58, BB7227, TID14-59)
FZR750 (TID14-60, 2LM-10)
FZR750R CDI Digital igniter (TID14-77, TID14-92, Hitachi)
FZX750 (BB7228, 4A0-00)
FZX750 (TID14-52, TID14-55)
XJ750 (TID14-06, 5G2-10, TID14-21, TID14-31, 49A-10, TID14-44)
XJ750 Fuel Injection (TID14-44, 22N10)
XS750 (TID03-01, TID03-02, 3J2-10)
XTZ750 (3LD-82305-00, 131800-5220, 131800-5221)
XV750 (J4T00671, J4T00672)
XV750 (J4T00871, 20X-20, 42X-20)
XV750 (J4T032, 71 3JL-00)
YZF750 (BB7271, 4HS-82305-00)
YZF750R (BB7266, 4HD-82305-00, 4HD-82305-01, BB7268, 4HN-82305-00, BB7265, 4FM-82305-00)
FZ8 / FZ8 ABS (59P-8591A-00, 39P-8591A-00)
GP800 (F8T34771, 66E-00)
GP800R (F8T34771, 66E-00)
XL800 WaveRunner (F8T34771, 66E-00)
XLT800 WaveRunner (F8T34771, 66E-00)
TDM850 (3VD-82305-00, 131800-5550)
TDM850 (4TX-82305-00, 131800-6720, 4TX-82305-40, 13180-7360)
TRX850 (4UN-82305-00, 131800-6690, 4NX-82305-01, 131800-6691)
MT-09 Tracer ECU ECM controller 2SC-8591A-00 / 112600-1720
TDM900 (5PS-8591A-01, 5PS-8591A-02, 5PS-8591A-20)
XJ900S Diversion (J4T051, 4KM-00)
XJ900F (TID14-37, 58L-10, TID14-19)
XV920 (J4T00872, 42X-20)
XV920 (J4T00671, J4T00672)
XVS950 Midnight Star (F8T84572, 26P-00, FUA002)
FX10 (F8T84071, 8GL-00)
FXHO FX1000e ECU ECM Computer (F8T94875)
FZ1 (2D1-8591A-00, 112100-2800)
FZ1 2006 (2D1-8591A-01, 112100-5940 H)
Fazer 1000 (5LV-82305)
FZR1000 (TID14-57, 2GH-10)
FZR1000 Exup (BB7211, 344-00)
FZR1000 Exup (TID14-72)
FZR1000 Exup (BB7231, 3LH-10, BB7225, 3GM-10, BB7232, 3LK-10, BB7226, 3LF-10)
GTS1000 (4BH-8591A-00)
XV1000 (J4T01171)
XV1000 TR1 (J4T00672, J4T00671)
YZF1000 Thunderace (4VD-82305-00, 131800-6790, 4SV-82305-00, 131800-6760)
YZF-R1 1998-1999 (4SV-82305-00, 4XV-82305-10, 4XV-82305-20)
YZF-R1 2CR-8591A-10 112600-2491CDI ECU
YZF-R1 1999-2001 (5JJ-82305-00, 5JJ-82305-10, 5JJ-82305-20, 131800-7690, 131800-7700)
YZF-R1 2001-2003 (F8T915, 71 5PW-003, F8T921, 71 5PW-41)
YZF-R1 2004 (F8T82075, FUA0004)
YZF-R1 2005 (F8T820, 71 5VY-00)
YZF-R1 2006 (4C8-8591A-00, 11210-5610)
YZF-R1 (F8T882073, FUA0002, 5VY-60)
BT1100 2006 (J4T157, 5JN-10)
BT1100 Bulldog CDI ECU (J4T132)
FJ1100 (TID14-30, 3GY-10)
FX160 WaveRunner 1100cc (F8T94873, 6B6-10, 4728)
XJ1100 Maxim
XS1100 (TID14-01, 2H7-103, TID14-04, TID14-10, 2H7-10)
XV1100 (J4T016)
XV1100 Virago (J4T031, J4T062)
XVS1100 Dragstar (J4T101)
XVS1100 Dragstar (J4T137, J4T143, J4T145)
FJ1200 (TID14-90, TID14-50)
FJ1200 (TID14-65, 3CV-00, TID14-67, 3CW-01, TID14-51)
GP1200 Waterjet (62T-00, F8T13175, 66V-00, F8T36171)
GP1200R WaveRunner (67B-00, F8T36172)
XVZ1200 Venture (Hitachi, TID14-17, 26H-10)
VMX 1200 V-MAX (TID14-43, TID14-34)
VMX 1200 V-MAX (TID14-93, 3J9-00, 3JP-11, TID14-94, 3JJ-11, BB7224 B, 3LR-11)
VMX 1200 V-MAX (TID14-95B, 3UF-11, TID14-93, 3JP-11, TID14-94, 3JJ-11, BB7224, 3LR-11)
XJ1200 (TID14-65)
XJR1200 (4PU-00)
FJR1300 (F8T911, 71 5JW-01, 1309)
FJR1300 (F8T818, 70 5JW-61, 4910)
FJR1300 Windshield Motor (3P6-83306-00-00)
GP1300R (60T-00, F8T93571)
XJR1300 (5EA-20)
XJR1300W (5WM-8591A,112100-6120)
XVZ1300 (BB7224, J4T112, 71 5JC-00)
XVZ1300td (Hitachi Ltd, TID14-34, 41R-11)
XVZ1300 Real Star (J4T063, J4T083, J4T112, 4NK-00)
XVZ1300 Royal Star Venture CDI igniter (J4T104)
XVZ1300 Royal Star (TID14-28, TID14-94, 3JJ-10)
XVZ13 TD Royal Star, Tour Deluxe (31N-MO)
XV1600 Roadstar (J4T098)
XVS1600 Wildstar (J4T109, 4JA-00, 5JA-00)
XV1700 (J4T139, 71 5VN-00)
XV1700 Road Warrior (F8T914)


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